I am so happy you are here! Take your time, look around and please feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

• My estimated turnaround time right now is 5-6 weeks, excluding weekends and holidays, and at times can be longer depending on the time of year and amount of orders in front of you.

•I understand your excitement to receive your product and I am working hard to get your new items shipped.Please visit our FAQ section (BELOW) for any other questions. Thank you for your patience!

• I am not responsible for any damage done once an item leaves my possession, including damage from dropping or not following the care instructions provided. For epoxied tumblers should be treated like glass. While properly cared for, epoxy provides a smooth and durable sealant, they are not crack proof and shouldn't be treated as such. If handled and treated with care, your tumbler will last a very long time.

  I appreciate all your support and I am just as excited as you are when receiving it as I am when making it!